Am I becoming a writer?

Two weeks ago I started writing daily. These posts aren’t long and definitely not a masterpiece. I’m fine with that. Important is that I’m constantly writing.


Looking back I never imagined myself writing a lot. Actually, I never considered myself doing anything creative. Sure, I always knew I could do it somehow but never thought I would. It just didn’t match the picture I had of myself.


Actually, it still does not match the picture I have of myself. I can’t tell you why. The good thing is, I can do it anyway.


Isn’t this great? You can just start doing something without any intention. Without any specific goal. Without having to be great with it. Just doing it because something inside you wants to start this something. For me, it’s getting my words out there. I have stuff to say if someone wants to hear it he’s welcome.


For me, writing is just a tool. A tool for giving a story, an idea or a thought a form. Not just for communication with others but with myself.


It’s really an interesting progress for me. Writing more and more. Starting to like it. Hearing people like what I write and have to say. It’s a journey and I don’t know where it will end. Hopefully not soon. 


Nevertheless, I’m still not seeing myself a writer. Maybe some glasses and a typewriter would help — and drinking coffee of course. Every real writer is drinking coffee, am I right?


Anyway, seeing myself making progress I realize how little it takes to start something. You just do it. Even no one cares. Eventually, you become good with it. Eventually not.


However, everyone is talking about dreaming big and reaching for big goals. The might be not always a good advice. Starting to write because you want to become a famous writer might be a good motivation. I wouldn’t have started this way. I never wanted to become a writer. However, here I am. Writing.