Are routines and habits preventing you from doing stuff?

Is having routines and habits preventing you from doing stuff? I mean good stuff? This question just popped up in my mind. How much structure and routine is good?


Obvious there is no universal answer to this question. Everyone has to find this out by himself.


For me, it’s really hard to answer. I lived both. A completely structured day with appointments with myself in the calendar when I would train and eat. On the other hand where I had no plan at all and just do whatever I feel to do this moment.


I’m more a guy who prefers routines and regularity. Having a morning routine and a plan what to do this day. I like to know what will happen and then make an impact. Why is that? Is it that I don’t like uncertainty? I guess, yes. I surely prefer certainty. It’s an illusion. There is none. Still, I hold on to it. Is it wrong?


What’s more, routines and regularity might be boring for some people. However, doing the same thing, again and again, has their advantage. You ‘save’ a lot of energy and time. Repeat the same daily task give you the opportunity to optimize them and do them much quicker without much thinking. This is why habits — good and bad — are so powerful. You just do them without much thinking.


I found, having routine and regularity allows you to me much more productive. You get more stuff done. Having a good system in place was crucial to so many successful people. You might argue that this might work for some people but not all. What about creatives? Let me say this, I believe everyone is more productive with some form of routine. You only have to find a system that works for you. Especially for creatives, it’s crucial to get in their ‘space’. Habits might help.


Anyway, there is way more than just being productive. Being productive alone won’t make you happy. Even you know what and why you are doing what you are doing. Even when the stuff you are doing is fulfilling you. Can routines get into your way to actually live? By this, I mean to enjoy life? Well, sure it can. This is exactly what I’m asking myself.


Maybe there is no answer to the question. There are many ways to become happy and live a fulfilled life. However, I ask myself if it has become self-evident to achieve something? If so, why? All the pressure. Intellectual we would all say no one has to achieve something. Do we really believe and feel this way?


Do we always have to be productive? Most of the people aren’t — all the time productive. However, do they feel if they should? I often do.


There are much more aspects you can argue about. Routines might help you completely focus on what is right now — the present moment. Instead of always thinking about what you do you could just be.


Anyway, this didn’t bring me any further. I guess I have to try out and do whatever feels right — as most of the time.