Challenge: writing a blog post each day

I just was writing about how much time I have right now.


That left me thinking: What am I going to do? Actually, I’m not quite sure about this thought. Do we always have to do something? I mean do we always have to plan and do something productive? Because this is what the question is all about, isn’t it? What am I going to do — How can I use my time productive?


It’s not that I feel bored. Not at all! I never find myself thinking about what I could do. There is always stuff to do. Exploring. Exercising. Reading. Writing. There is so much stuff I’d love to dive deep into. Meditation. Yoga. Spirituality. Tantra. Buddhism. Ayurveda. Just to mention some. I could spend years just doing these things. I could just live. There is nothing wrong with that.


Anyway, I really want to evolve and grow personally and spiritually. For sure I could just continue doing all these things and would evolve and grow over time. However, I’m convinced there are ways of doing it better. More productive? Maybe, this is why I’m not quite sure about this. But in the end, there is nothing wrong trying to improve what you are doing. So how can I do this?


For me, it always comes down to doing more stuff that’s difficult for me. Stuff I’m not quite comfortable doing. Stuff that challenges me. You can always learn by doing new things you are still comfortable with doing. But it tends to take much longer and there are even things you can’t learn this way. Things which have to challenge you. Sometimes you even need a crisis.


Often times it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. It might just take you effort and energy to pursue it. To become better you have to do it quite frequently. To become really good at something you have to practice it over and over again. Maybe you have to spend these 10.000 hours on it. Maybe not. However, it will demand much time and energy on a regular basis.


Knowing this, it should be obvious to spend a lot of time on this thing you want to become better with. You might even want to do it daily.


Right now I want to become better in writing. I really want to improve my language and my writing skills.


Therefore, I’m going to post 1 new article each day.


For me, that’s a statement. Something that’s going to challenge me a lot. Since it usually takes me some days until I finally finished a blog post. Not that it actually takes me that much time — it does take much time — but it’s not a priority of mine. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to write, I’m tired, the words aren’t coming or I’m just lazy.


Rather than just writing if I want to in this moment I’m going to write anyway even I don’t want to. I’m going to force myself to write more.


That’s said, I don’t care how much I write. As long it’s a blog post. Maybe someday I’ll go up to 1000 words per day like Chris Guillebeau does. Right now, I just want to write. Creating a habit. Getting used to writing. Rewire my brain being able to express my thoughts.


What am I going to write about? I don’t care either. As long as I write. Two weeks ago I already started a ‘Journal’. A different blog where I can write whatever I want to. What I experience during travel. What I feel and think. Just random stuff. Most of the time I’m going to write my journal. Sometimes it might be just a few sentences. But as long I’m finishing a certain thought I’m good with that. 


By the way, I don’t care if I miss a day or even more days. This challenge isn’t supposed to keep me away from making awesome experiences. Moreover, while traveling it’s definitely not easy to stay on track with it. Somedays I might have no internet at all. Anyway, this doesn’t mean I don’t care if I post something or not. Then this challenge wouldn’t make any sense. I’m committing myself to this for at least the next 31 days. We’ll see how this is going to work out.


There is even a side effect: Since I always use my own photos for the blog posts I have to take photos on a regular basis. Over the last weeks, I didn’t feel like spending much time on photography. I really want to revive this passion of mine.


With challenges, it really comes back to what kind of person you are. For me, this ‘middle way’ is the best. To commit to something without having the feeling it’s going to restrict me. If it’s too strict I just don’t want to do it.


Thinking about this, I can’t remember if I ever did some kind of challenge like this. Maybe I did. Usually, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. But since I’m writing about it, it’s becoming a big deal to me.


Anyway, I’m just following a spontaneous idea here. Haven’t thought it through. Something I usually never do. Something I want to do more. Therefore, I close it here. Before all the questions like ‘What if…?’ or ‘Why…?’ are going to come up.


I’d love to encourage you to challenge yourself, too. Something you really want to improve or something where you want to evolve yourself. But since I have no idea if I’m going to complete my challenge I’m waiting with this. No, wait. That’s the whole point in doing a challenge like this. You might fail. You might be not able to complete it. It might get really difficult. No matter what, you try it anyway. No matter what, you learned a lot. You evolved. Therefore, I’m encouraging you to challenge yourself. Try it. Do it. It’s fun — at least when you are motivated and just getting started.