Don’t let others opinion prevent you from doing stuff

For a while now, something interesting is going on. I refuse to share most of my photos I make. I think there are several reasons for that.

First of all, there is just other stuff going on in my life and it’s not a priority of mine. Nothing interesting with that. But here is another reason, I don’t share many of my photos because I think they aren’t good enough.

Not quite sure for what they have to be good enough. I mean I’m not a professional photographer. No one cares if my photos suck. The interesting part is this keeps me from sharing my photos and experience with other and maybe even from taking pictures.

Thinking about that, it’s crazy how we are holding ourself back because we think we aren’t good enough. Therefore, we don’t dare to show ourselves and our skills. That’s really sad. I’m doing this a lot. Often I catch myself thinking something has to be perfect before I can show it to others. But nothing will ever be perfect.

It’s totally fine to get started with something and suck with it. And even after some years, you are going to make bad stuff sometimes. Because this happens when you are trying out new stuff. This is how you evolve. This is how you get better.

We are caught in the thought everything we do has to be perfect, therefore we don’t even get started.

I really trying to get over this thinking precess. But it’s really difficult. In the end isn’t it a question of self-esteem? Aren’t we not showing our stuff because we don’t want to get hurt. No one wants to hear: ‘Oh, you made this? It looks like crap!’.

I’m trying to get rid of these thoughts. I don’t want to depend on others people opinions. There might be a lot of mistakes in my articles. I don’t care. I do care if you don’t like my photos. Because I like photography and I want to make good photos. But this shouldn’t prevent me from sharing and doing photos at all. For this reason, I challenge myself to share more photos. Especially photos I took with my iPhone.

However, nothing important at all. Just some random thoughts. Go out there, have fun and don’t let others opinion prevent you from doing stuff.