Don’t skip it, do it anyway

Today is one of these days where I completely don’t feel like writing. I haven’t got the chance to do my morning journaling due to I had to move really early today. It’s already late and I haven’t written anything today.

Since I have this challenge going I thought about dropping it or not today.

I’m convinced to create something awesome there has to be an inner urge. Something within that wants to create. However, I don’t have to create something awesome. The whole point of my challenge was to create a habit. To become comfortable with writing regularly.

I was catching myself thinking about not to write anything today. For a short moment, I considered it. Then I told myself it’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. There are always moments when you don’t want to do something. You just don’t feel like it. These are the moments when you should do it more than ever.

It’s not about being much productive at this moment but rewiring your brain. Doing it anyway.

Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish this might be a crucial thing to do. You might argue sometimes it’s the right choice to go inline with your feeling and not to do anytime. Otherwise, you might connect the action with negative feelings. Especially, when it comes to creative work.

I’m not sure about this. Sometimes it’s good to torture yourself — just a bit. You have to overcome this feeling of not wanting to do it. Eventually, it becomes natural. You don’t ask yourself anymore if you want to it or not. You just do it. This is true for writing. For losing weight. Learning a language. Or whatever it is you are trying to do.

Once you let go of the resistance something great happens. It starts to get easier. You might even have fun and want to continue.

So, whenever you intend to do something and suddenly don’t feel like doing it do it anyway. Even if you do just a part of what you planned to do. Just do it.