Everything is said

Whenever I’m looking for new blogs or just some interesting articles it feels like: everything is said. There are so many awesome blogs, books and people out there. Whatever you want to know about nutrition, health, meditation etc. there is a good source for that. There is nothing I can add to. Nothing I can say that isn’t said already.

I could just collect them and link to them. That something I’m going to do more. However, there are still way too many people suffering — even the answer to their problems is in their reach. Sure, it’s not just about knowing how to solve the problem but to actually do it.

I keep asking myself, what value can I add? There are people doing all the stuff better than I ever could. Some people might say I just have to bring my personality in. Since everyone is different for some people my personal approach or opinion might be the right fit and makes the crucial difference.

Maybe. It’s true, different people need different approaches. However, there are already so many. I feel like there is already way too much stuff out there. Isn’t this the problem? You can’t find the great stuff because there is just too much. Everyone is screaming and wants to be heard. I don’t want to be just one of them. This isn’t helping anyone.

On the other side, it’s not always about new ideas. Sometimes it is about the way it is presented to you or just the right timing.

Anyway, I’m going to add some sources somewhere on my blog. Websites, blogs, books, podcasts I find helpful. Maybe I just add another navigation point. You’ll find it.