Getting back to routine

Today is the first day nobody is traveling with me. This means I can do whatever I want to.


Not that I couldn’t do this before but you know it’s just different. If there is another person with you, you kind of have to adapt to him.


I was reflecting how I spend the last weeks. There wasn’t much to do for me. Sure, some work each day but besides that, I had much time. There is no point in arguing if I have ‘used my time well’. I didn’t play any video games or so on. However, did I spend my days doing what I really like to do? Though question.


The things I like to do right now properly aren’t the same if I knew I would die tomorrow. Even it might be better to live your life with this perspective, I don’t. Hopefully, I’m not going to die tomorrow. Nevertheless, being more mindful and living in the present moment is something everyone should do much more.


What I was going to say is this. I didn’t have a regulated day. When I wanted to do something I did it — at least most of the time. This is something I wanted to try — living with less structure. Since I usually have a more structured day. For many more structure in their day might be a negative aspect. For me, it’s not.


There is no better or worse. However, I feel like pursuing good habits supports me in achieving my goals and to feel better. I don’t like to hang around and do nothing. That doesn’t mean I always have to do anything. Well, if I’m not doing anything at leat I want to be aware of the present moment. I want to practice mindfulness.


Since I’m alone right now I thought about getting back to a more regulated day. Having a morning routine and improving my sleeping habits for example.


I want to try different things and look what feels the best. I already know I’m much more productive — properly everyone is — having such a routine. Indeed, it’s not just about getting more done. I really want to see if I’m feeling better this way. If I’m happier having a routine.


Since I’m writing my journal each day I already feel the difference. Making a habit of writing each day makes it much easier. You get better. You make progress and get more creative. It’s much more fun this way.


In the next few days I going to try what does works for me right now and what not. Here are some things I consider doing on a regular basis — making a habit.


Getting up at 6:00 am (and going to bed early).
Having a cold shower.
Some kind of journaling including what I’m grateful for, how I feel and what I want to do this day.
Morning meditation.
Some exercise.


Maybe I add some other stuff. However, having a (morning) routine does not mean you can’t make any changes or be spontaneous. If you want to do something different just do it. This just doesn’t happen quite often in my experience. Once you made it a habit and found what works for you, you don’t want to miss it.