Going on a mindless walk

Properly, I never want to live this way. Living off-grid. But this is how I live right now. Power via solar panels and a generator. Internet via a mobile card. No grocery store on the island. There might be some first responder. No idea how to reach them.


Anyway, life off-grid has some benefits too. There is especially one I currently really enjoy. Nature. Living basically in a forest. Just some minutes and I’m into the wood. Since the island isn’t big at all there is no endless exploring. Still, it’s awesome to just jump on the bike and within minutes I’m finding myself on a trail. Alone. No other persons. Guess this won’t last long when everyone is coming next month.


Yesterday was one of these days. It just hit me and I was gone for 1-2 hours. Having the possibility to go into nature within a short period of time is great. I absolutely enjoy it. You don’t have to make any plans. Wanna go? Then just go.


Nevertheless, I was going one of these little trails. No one near. The sun was setting and the golden light was shining through the trees. A magical moment.


Suddenly I was catching myself walking not being present at all. Sure I was gazing everything around me. But actually, I was looking for some great photos. I realized I wasn’t really looking at these things. I mean really. Fully present. Present in the moment.


This is when I put my camera and iPhone back into by bag. Then I tried to walk the rest of the trail present and in silence.


This happens quite often to me. I really want to be more mindful in daily life but it’s quite difficult. However, tomorrow is another day. Another chance.



Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.

— Allen Saunders