Having a strange day

It’s 8:00 pm. I’m finding myself lying with my head on the table. Tiered. Feeling strange.


Today was one of these days. Completely unproductive and not even really fun.


8:00 am. My alarm is ringing. Quite late, but I went to bed late, too. It’s fine. It’s Sunday. Indeed, I would prefer to wake up earlier. However, getting out of bed, drinking some water and then going directly to a quite place where I usually meditate (Before I went for a pee, if someone is asking this right now).


After 5 minutes someone is calling my name outside. Lori — an older woman living on the island — asks me if I’d like to join her harvest and water some veggies. Sure I do.


So much about having a morning routine.


I have no idea what happened afterwards. Sure I did some stuff, but at 2:00 pm I still haven’t done anything. For a short moment I thought about what I could do. I wasn’t motivated to do anything.


This is when I decided to exercise. Just a short but intense workout. Outside. In the sun. It felt like 35°C/95°F. I really can’t recommend anybody this strategy, but for me it worked. On a day like this killing myself in a workout helps — sometimes. Felt kind of better afterwards.


Since it was such a great weather I went to the beach. The moment I arrived the sun disappeared behind clouds. I didn’t stay long. Went straight into bathtub.


I love taking long hot bath. It helps me relax and forget the world around me. The only drawback you get out kind of exhausted. It’s like staying in the sauna for to long.


So here I am at 8:00 pm. Trying to get my mind straight. 


Omg, I’m so tired. Going to bed right now. Have to finish this one tomorrow.


OK, much better. Getting some sleeps helps usually. Guess there isn’t much to add. I don’t have days like this one quite often. Somehow you can’t completely avoid them, can you? However, taking care of myself usually helps then. Some reading, exercise or just eating something healthy and delicious.