Having no body awareness

For a few days I’m getting up at 6:00 am again. Being able to create my own daily routine without having to adopt to someone else makes it much easier. However, today at 6:00 am I decided to sleep 1 more hour.


Nothing special you might think. Most people would think this at 6:00 am I guess. I normally don’t. Sure I’d like to sleep more or just lie there. It’s comfortable. Still, I like to get up early. When I wake up I want to do stuff. Stuff which makes me feel good. Much better than when I would just stay in bed. Indeed, this morning I wanted to do other stuff too. Like reading my new book I just bought.


Nevertheless, I stayed in bed because I had this feeling. Not quite sure how to describe it. It felt like my body wanted more rest. Not fool yourself thinking you feel the same every morning. Your body needs more rest — every morning. Actually, this might even be true. My point is, usually we don’t have the body awareness necessary.


I totally believe some people have a really good body awareness and can feel what’s going on with their body. The way it should be. You and your body then speak the same language.


For example having ‘normal’ eating habits. Being hungry when your body actually demands food. Even knowing what your body demands.


That’s something which got totally lost nowadays. It’s crazy how much we disconnected from our bodies. Most people can’t even walk properly. They don’t feel when something isn’t working. Even pain became just something unwanted instead of an important sign of your body. The fact alone that most people feeling kind of exhausted all the time tells you enough.


Anyway, I believe you can get back to a more natural body awareness. You just have to practice. Being mindful about what’s happing in your body.


One of the biggest challenges is that many mechanisms of our body aren’t working properly anymore. Like being hungry. It takes your body time to adjust again.


To let this happen you have to give your body the chance to do so. If we constantly demand too much nothing good can happen. Just because you are sleeping doesn’t mean your body is resting and recovering. Waking up and feeling exhausted and tired is a good sign your body is not.


Jet I was staying in bed this morning. As I said I just had this feeling to do so. I’m trying to get back to more body awareness. Trying to find out what my body needs. There lies much potential in this than most people could imagine.


There are people who never use an alarm. They go to bed early and wake up when they slept enough. Sometime after 5 hours. Sometimes after 9 hours. They wake up when their body got enough rest. I’d love to try this but I don’t feel like having this relationship to my body necessary. Well, maybe I try it anyway.


Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.

— John N. Mitchell