How vulnerable do I want to make myself?

In the last few days, I often thought about vulnerability. About the fact that I got hurt and why. This led to the question, how vulnerable do I want to become myself. Do I really want to bring myself to the position, to get possibly hurt that much? Short answer: yes. Especially, in a love relationship it is crucial to open yourself and let the other person it, at least in my opinion. If you don’t make yourself vulnerable then you don’t create enough room for magic to happen.

This led to another question: How vulnerable do I want to make myself? Do I really want to write about everything on my blog? Do I really want to be completely open? Maybe not 100% but maybe almost. I mean, why not?

In my experience, there is nothing bad going to happen if you speak openly about your feelings. Yes, I might get hurt. But I would get anyway. Nobody is going to give be a hard time because of this. And even when… It’s much more like this: When you openly speak about something that’s making you vulnerable, it loses its power about you. It doesn’t really make you vulnerable. It shows that you are a strong and brave person.

However, I know it can be difficult. You might get hurt. You might not feel strong enough. I encourage you to do it anyway. Too often we don’t show our emotions. We play a role and are trying to just function. But this is not what life should be like. It’s your choice. Our everyone. I’m choosing to make myself valuable. And you know what? I kind of feels good.