I’m cheating and eating chocolate

I admit it. Yesterday’s article was not from yesterday. It was something I wrote some time ago. When I wasn’t writing anything this day I was just putting this one online. Actually, I wasn’t writing anything for two days because my journals are one day delayed. This way I have one day to finish a post if I’m not able to do it the day before. 

However, I just wanted to post one article a day, therefore, it’s no cheating I guess. Nevertheless, I’m not writing as continues as I liked to. Going to change this as of tomorrow — at least I try to.

One reason for this might be that there is much thought in my mind but I can’t get them out there recently. I guess this just happens once in a while. At least if you let it happen.

I feel like I didn’t take much care of my mental health recently. Sure I was doing some meditation and didn’t get much stress. Nevertheless, I wasn’t really doing much actively. Actually, I didn’t give it much thought what I mean my this. It’s just a feeling. Going to figure it out and keep you updated.

Another feeling which came through my head: I feel like I’m waiting for something. Like being in abeyance. Waiting for something to happen. Not quite sure for what. Just a feeling. Strange isn’t it? Maybe not.

Anyway, just got out of the bathtub. Afterward, I’m always a bit dizzy. Everyone is telling me I shouldn’t take a really hot bath for 2-3 hours. Properly, they are right. I shouldn’t. Most of the time I feel really tired afterward. Like right now. That’s why you have to read something like this here. I just keep doing it because I really like having these hot bath.

Did you notice that I’m just writing random stuff to get another journal post? It’s already 318 words, therefore, I don’t have to worry anymore about what I could write.

The moment I’m writing this I eat some chocolate. Something I usually don’t do. Maybe once a month. Many people knowing me think I don’t eat any sweets. Well, most of the time not but sometimes I do. When I do I really enjoy it. Not to avoid it completely works really well for me. Because I never really crave it. The trick is not having any sweets at home. Then you won’t ask yourself if you should eat just a small piece. Actually, never ask you this question ever. I you craving for it there are several this you could do — like just eating the chocolate — but why would you ask a question like this?

Whatever, tomorrow there might be something else I can write about than me eating chocolate.

I just took the bicycle to get to the other place where I have wifi. It’s only a few minutes ago I was writing the lines above and eating the chocolate. Feeling not really good right now. Maybe I ate too much. Maybe I’m just not used to eat chocolate. Maybe the chocolate was tasting good but isn’t a really good one — sorry Lind, there are far better one out there.

However, wanting to add this because this is going to affect my future behavior. Instead of just focusing on the taste I rather focus on the feeling I get during and after I ate something. This is why I always prefer veggies and fruits. Actually, I just had a smoothie before I started writing.