I’m never going to take a bath again

I love taking baths. However, this time I exaggerated.


Since I can remember I’d like to take baths. This feeling of being in your own world — just you and the bathtub full of water. It’s really relaxing. Nothing you have to do. Not much you can do.


I like to take really long and hot baths. Usually longer than 2 hours. Since I don’t refill the bathtub the water has to be hot otherwise it’s going to be cold too fast. Some time ago I was always making sure the water is between 41-42°C (105,8-107,6°F). The trick is to be in the bathtub right from the beginning then you slowly increase the temperature.


People always tell me I shouldn’t do this. It’s not good for me. And they are right. I totally agree. It’s way too long for that high temperature. Sometimes when I get out I’m completely exhausted. The next morning my eyes even stick together at times. This doesn’t happen often anymore. Most of the time I feel really relaxed and good afterward.


To reduce the negative effects I’m always trying to drink enough. At least 2 liters of water. Some salt is good. Other electrolytes would be even better. I’m trying to make it a habit to have a cold shower afterward.


Even I know I should probably not do this I’m still doing it. I can’t help it. I really like it.


However, this time I exaggerated. I stayed in the bathtub for approximately 4 hours. It was great. I was reading and just lying there. Thinking and dreaming. Forgetting time.


Right after I got to bed and slept for 10 hours. Feeling good this morning but still, I guess it was too much.


Even I know it’s not good for me — much stress for my body — I definitely going to take a bath again. Even a long one. I just can’t help it.