Island life is slow

I just realized I never had this much time before for myself. Basically, I have to do some work which takes about 4 hours per day. Besides that, I have to prepare my food and clean everything. That’s it.

Indeed, it’s not that I never had to do so less but I never had so few options to distract myself. There are still just a few people on the Island and more important the internet connection is really small. It feels like 20 years ago when you had to wait for a site to load. The fact that I’m staying on a really small island doesn’t necessarily help.

But what can I say? I really enjoy it. You know this feeling when you are on vacation. You feel free. Nothing you have to do. Life is much more simple and feels just light. Yeah, that’s what it feels right now – light.

I really can’t complain at all. Sure there is not everything perfect but it never will be. 

Even there isn’t much I have to do I never find myself having nothing to do. Doing a nap or meditating is always an option. Preferentially in opposite order.

I wonder what was I doing all day long before. Sure I still now what I did. But why are we doing all the stuff? Why aren’t we just focusing on some essentials stuff and enjoy our life?

This is something I really want to do. Simplify my life. I did this already but there are still things left. But no rush. One thing I learned here: island life is slow.