Island life

It’s already over a week ago I arrived on this little Island. Did I mention where I am? Savary Island. Somewhere close to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Not really easy to get to.

However, I kind of like it. Kind of, because I still not sure. I mean it’s really beautiful. These trees and nature are powerful and healing. There are bees, eagles and hummingbirds all over the place. There are even sand beaches and some palms. Not what you expect to find when you are going to Canada.

Besides that, there isn’t really much to find here. Not that I need anything else. Most of the houses here are still empty. This might change soon. Some people I spoke to told me there are 50 people living on the island in the winter. Next month in Juli there might be up to 3000 people. I guess it going to be much louder and much more stuff will going on. There is even a bar which is opening next month. We’ll see if I like this or if I prefer is less crowded.

I mean life is really great right now. A normal day looks like this. Between 6:00 – 8:00 am I get up. Depending on the time I go to bed. Really want to get into bed earlier. Right after that, I meditate. Followed by some reading and writing. For that, I have to walk to another building to get internet access. Then I some exercise followed by a late breakfast. Usually between 10:00 – 12:00 am I’m starting to do some work here. Sanding and stuff like that. That’s pretty much it. The rest of the day I go for a walk, enjoy the nature, some biking, more reading and writing or whatever I want to.

It’s a pretty simple life. I really love living a simple life. Not much to be stressed about. Nothing to worry about. Just living in the moment. I know you can do this everywhere. But some circumstances will support this way of life.

By all means, I don’t want to live here the rest of my life. Not at all. There aren’t many people to connect with. Especially, not at my age — but as I said this might change soon. However, I have to admit I don’t really miss being around many people. For some time I really enjoy to be nearly alone. This gives me more time to connect with myself. Connect with nature. Connect with the present moment.

And there is still so much to explore. Even on a little island like this. The day before yesterday I was at the beach at low tide. It was spectacular. Even I have been on many beautiful beaches this one is different. I mean a white sand beach in Canada, come on. There are so many oysters and crabs everywhere that I had to reconsider eating them. I haven’t — jet.

Right now I’m sitting in my room — surrounded by trees. It’s drizzling. Not warm at all but not cold neither. I’m going to stay here for a moment. Enjoy the silence while drinking some green tea. Afterward, I’ll walk to the other building and get this article online, I guess. Or maybe I just stay here in the warmth and enjoy life. We’ll see. I guess I will. You won’t. But who cares.