Leaving Savary Island

I can’t believe I been here for over 5 weeks now. Doesn’t feel like it. Looking back I enjoyed staying here in Savary Island. However, I’m looking forward to finally go to other places.


When I first arrived here it definitely didn’t felt like Canada. I mean there are sand beaches and even palm trees. There is a bit more air moisture, therefore, you could get the feeling of being in a tropical place.


I really enjoyed the silence here. When I arrived early June there weren’t many people on the Island. Most of the houses were still empty. I even had the beach just for me alone most of the time.


Since the Island isn’t really big there isn’t much to explore. Still, I love to go the little trails by bike. The trails through the forest are really great and peaceful. I never encountered a single person while tramping around.


Staying here was a great experience and I wouldn’t have any problem continuing my stay. However, over the time I’d like to have some more people around me. You know social contact. There are living some great people on the Island. Still, I missed some like-minded people to talk to.


Once more I realized I don’t want to stay at lonely places. I really enjoy it if it’s a beautiful place but over time it’s just not fulfilling me.


Anyway, it was a great experience. Still, looking forward to the next one.