Making progress – June 2017

It’s the end of the month. A good time for a first ‘progress’ post.


Since this is the first one it might end up more like an inventory. I’m just going to reflect some different areas of my life. Areas which are important to me. Areas where I don’t mind sharing my thoughts.


Let’s take a quick look at my current situation.




I don’t have any specific goals here. Just to stay fit and healthy. Since I’m traveling I’m not able to train the way I’d like to. However, this is my situation, therefore I have to deal with.


Still, haven’t create an exercise routine jet. Something I wanted to do for a long time. That’s definitely something I should do soon.


Here is what I do:

Average 5 times per week a short workout.
20-30 min mobility
20-30 min some sort of strength circle training


The mobility routine consists of different mobility/Yoga exercises I found helpful. Eventually, I’m going to write these down. These work great for me. Too bad I don’t have a foam roll anymore. I’d love to add more Yoga in it. Going to this soon.


The second part contains different strength exercises. For that, I have a TRX. This is really great for traveling and I can recommend it to everyone (don’t get a cheap one. The TRX is worth it). Beside the TRX I do bodyweight exercises.


As I already mentioned I don’t have a routine. What I like to do is a circle out of a push, a pull and a leg exercise. I won’t go into details here but this could look like this: push ups, some kind of row and lunges. Maybe I add a core exercise afterward. Really basic. Nothing fancy. This does its job for now.


Not quite sure how much I want to change here. It’s definitely no priority of mine right now. Eventually, I’m creating a flexible routine which always fits my current needs.


Often I found myself not training as intensive as I like to because I’m just doing some exercises. If I had a concrete plan it might be different.


At the moment I don’t struggle at all with it. Since it’s not the priority it’s just not as effective as it could be. I want to change this eventually but not necessary during the next month.


Until next month: nothing.




This is the onliest thing I do every morning. I’d like to meditate at least 20 minutes. In my experience, I need at least this time to get deeper. Last week I wasn’t really consistent staying in meditation. Sometimes there were so much going on in my head, therefore I couldn’t focus at all.


This isn’t happing quite often, but when it does I’m giving up after some time. It’s just not really productive and I want to try it later again. I’m fully aware that this is not a good choice. Actually, it’s not about being productive, but staying with the uncomfortable and trying to focus anyway. However, I want to focus on deeper meditation much more.


I’m going to fix my morning meditation. Whatever happens, happens. I’m going to stay with it.


Anyway, I’m really consistent with this. Definitely, want to continue this way. Eventually, I’m trying to meditate even longer. I might do a long meditation session 1-2 week. I might just increase some sessions slowly.


In addition, I’m trying to become much more mindful during the day. Just having more and more conscious moments during the day.


Until next month: Stay with the morning meditation routine. Doing 20 min of meditation whatever happens inside me.




Nutrition can get really difficult during travel. I’m still vegan and trying to eat healthily. For me, this means a lot of veggies and fruits. Furthermore, as natural as possible.


This is actually going quite well here. I get groceries once a week. I typically eat rice, beans, some fresh veggies with peanut sauce daily. Some fruits and nuts as snacks.


Going to write a post about what I eat more in detail.


Until next month: nothing.




Only 6 weeks ago I started my new English blogging journey. So far it’s going pretty well. There are already 26 posts online. Since I have my journaling challenge running this number will continuously increase.


However, there are only 11 normal blog posts online. I noticed I haven’t written any new one since I started my journaling challenge. Yet my journaling should definitely not prevent me from writing other blog posts. This was not the idea and is something I want to fix. Guess I just have to spend more time writing. 


Anyway, writing in English is still not easy. Even I notice a slight increase. I’m expecting it’s going to get much better over time. When it does I will be able to write even more and much better stuff.


Until next month: Writing more normal blog posts. Don’t want to have a fixed number at this moment.


Is there anything left?

Something I’m struggling with?


Not really. Currently, I don’t have any real goals. Continue traveling, learning English, making experiences and continue my blog. That’s it for the moment.


Thinking about what I could do for the next month. Not quite sure. Do I want to concentrate more on experiences and my personal development or do I want to focus more on learning ad experience for my professional life? They go hand in hand anyway but there are different directions I could go.