My last day on Savary Island

It’s coming to an end. Today was my last day on Savary Island. I stayed over 5 weeks here. Time went by really fast. Still, I can’t believe it.

The last day was a really good one. We went out with the boot for lunch at Lund. After that, we were heading to Desolation Sound, a natural reservoir. Unfortunately, it was only a short trip, therefore, we didn’t see much.

It still was fun. 5 person in a small boat. Kind of windy. Definitely shaky. Luckily on the way there, I was sitting in the front — therefore I stayed try. One of the girls who also stays at my place got completely soaked. It was sunny and warm really no one cared.

It was fun. Seeing nature from a different perspective — this time with a boat — is always great. However, I have to admit I prefer staying on the ground. I am not afraid of the water at all, still, I like to be on firm ground.

Doing a tour like this reminds me every time how different life can be. I mean living near the ocean — maybe even on an island —  and having a boat is completely different to live in a city like Berlin. It just is.

Tomorrow I have to leave the Island and I look forward to it. I really enjoyed the time here but it’s time to see something else. Maybe not an island just for diversion.