Never go to the cheapest hostel in town

Vancouver. So I finally made it to the city. 


With ‘finally’ I mean it took me some time to come here. Actually, I didn’t want to come here really bad. More like since I’m in this area why not spend some nights in this city. Moreover, I had to come here to get somewhere else with the bus.


I decided to start in this cheap Hostel in Downtown. It’s really good located but that’s it. Even considering it cheap isn’t really appropriate. Definitely, I don’t need it super clean, luxurious or fancy. Sleeping here doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind. However, I never experienced a place where you have to pay for toilet paper. Seriously? 


What’s nice the one bathroom with a shower can’t overflow since it will just flow truth a hole in the ground downstairs. What’s more, the light bulb didn’t work therefore we were sitting in the darkness for some time. Asking for a new one didn’t work since the office has special open hours. I just switch the light bulbs with another room. Luckily I travel with my headlamp.


Anyway, I have a roof on top of me. I will see if it’s waterproof as soon as it’s starting to rain.


Being in a situation like this will happen more often than we like. I guess having the right attitude and making the best out of it is crucial. Don’t let drag yourself just because of such external factors. Life is too short and wonderful to do this.


Have a shower and move on. OK, made don’t have a shower here… move on anyway.


Whoah. Wanted to end the post here. Then I wanted to make some breakfast. Maybe I should have checked the kitchen before. I don’t want to make this post about me complaining about a bad hostel. Nevertheless, I guess I won’t use the kitchen. Too bad, I already bought some stuff yesterday.


Isn’t interesting? As soon as nobody feels responsible everybody gives a fuck. I just can’t imagine the people staying here living the same way at home. Sure there are these people living literally in trash at their home. However, I think many people behave completely different when they don’t feel responsible. Too bad. Isn’t this one of the reasons we have so many problems? Because no one gives a fuck?


Indeed, many people care. It’s not that nobody gives a fuck. There are people who care about what’s going on around them. I hope you do too. Still, I won’t use this kitchen…