No questions nor answers needed anymore

It seems like the most natural thing to have goals and ambitions. To have dreams. To make progress.


It seems like it, but is it really desirable? Is this the way to go — building and creating ‘a good’ life?


Are our achievements good for anything? Indeed, I think so. Are they satisfying us? Ultimately? I don’t think so.


Why do it in the first place then? We all ‘know’ money isn’t making us happy. Nevertheless, we act like it would anyway. 


Why not just live a life full of peace? Possibly a life with enlightenment. Stopping the suffering.


Is this a real possibility? I don’t know, but I think it is.


Isn’t this what most monks — regardless of a religion — are seeking for?


I believe you don’t even have to become a monk. It’s about a different attempt to live. A commitment to a completely different way of living.


So is this the way to go?


Who could possibly say that… I just wonder why so many — including myself — choosing a way of life which is bringing so much suffering. I don’t mean everybody is really suffering and in pain — although many are —, but not living a fulfilled life.


Furthermore, are we really choosing this way of life? I don’t think so either. At least it’s not a conscious decision. Wouldn’t that require consciousness in the first place?


Anyway, I don’t have an answer to these questions — just more questions. I doubt there is one answer.


In the end, everything comes down to being. Being in the present moment. When you do — just being — there are no questions nor answers needed anymore.