Plans change

Today, I experienced once more how quickly all your plans can change. Better, how quickly you are forced to change your plans because of the circumstances.


After spending some days in Vancouver I wanted to go further north in British Columbia. I found a really great place where I’d like to stay for some time. The bus ticket to get there had I already bought some time ago.


Since the bus should take off at 6:30 am I had to get up really early. After merely 3 hours of sleep, I didn’t feel awesome but ready to go. This is actually a strategy I often do. Whenever there is a really long bus ride or flight I sleep way too less, therefore, I can sleep during the ride. This works quite well for me since I mostly can sleep several hours then.


Not this morning. When I arrived around 5:00 am there weren’t many people at the station. As soon as I tried to pick up my printed bus ticket the person behind the counter just looked at me. The highway got locked due to forest fires. The bus ride got canceled.


He offered me an alternative route to get to my destination. Taking a bus approximately 12 hours later. Making a lot of detours. This would take me around 50 hours. Instead of arriving Saturday early morning I would arrive Montag morning. Spending the weekend on the bus or waiting for the bus.


Doesn’t this sound lucrative? I mean, who doesn’t want to do this. Definitely, me not. Luckily, I was able to make another agreement with them. I’m taking a different bus this evening to get to Edmonton. On Thursday I’m going to continue my journey to my original destination Terrace.


What am I going to do I Edmonton, you might ask? Actually, I have no idea. All I know there is a place where I can stay for some days. A place from a person I don’t know at all.


I don’t even know where Edmonton is. Somewhere in Canada. Not in British Columbia. More East. That’s all I know. Guess I’m going to find out more about this city.


Isn’t it fascinating how fast we sometimes have to change our plans? Most of the time we aren’t aware how fast circumstances can change. How fast we ‘lose’ control. The omnipresent illusion of having control of your life. Moments like these remind you, you never had the control the first place.


These moments challenge you to surrender to what is. You can’t change it anyway. Make the best out of it and stop complaining. Sure I’m not pleased by the incidents but I do not resist them. I’m trying to find a solution — just an alternative way.


We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it.

— Lauryn Hill


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