Sleeping at the beach

Harsh wind wakes me up.


The sound of the ocean. Waves. Continuous. Never ending.


It’s chilly. No wonder it’s not even 6:00 am. I open my eyes. Nothing above me. Just the sky with some clouds. I take a deep breath inhaling the fresh air.


The sun is just rising. Covering the mountains in the distance with wonderful colors. Definitely not the worst place I chose to sleep.


The day before I was leaving Savary Island. The people I was staying with brought me to Powell River. The drop me off near the ferry station. Unfortunately, the next ferry wasn’t coming until next morning.


I knew this before but it didn’t bother me. Without much thinking, I decided not to stay in a hotel or hostel. The tricky part is to find a good place to sleep.


Actually, this was kind of easy this time. I just went along the beach. Just rocks. No one there except for some seagulls. Since it was still early afternoon I hid my backpack and went exploring. I definitely didn’t want to carry my big backpack with me all the time. Even I am capable of it’s no fun.


Luckily there was a forest close. Really nice trails. Old trees of many different kinds. It felt really good to keep my body moving. I returned to my backpack. Still there. God for me.


For a while, I was just sitting there and staring at the ocean. Peaceful but lonely.


At moments like these, I’m always trying to just notice everything around me. Just observing. Feeling the moment. Without thinking.


This just works for a while. Then I’m starting to daydream. Thinking about other moments like this or what I’d like to do in the near future.


As soon as the sun was setting I prepared for the night. Sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Nothing else I needed.


I enjoy doing this from time to time. It reminds me how little I really need. There is more than just the knowledge I want to experience it myself. It’s a great feeling. This way I feel more connected to nature. Even somehow more connected to myself.


So here I am the next morning. Enjoying the sunrise. The day is just starting. It’s going to be a day full of moving. I’m going back to Vancouver. Back to a big city after spending the last weeks on this little Island. I won’t stay there for long. However, I’m looking forward to exploring this city.