starting a journal

Over the last months, I learned a few very important things. One of it was to pursue my intuition and instinct — something I never really did. Instead, I was completely making my decisions in my head. Rational thinking. I still think this kind of thinking is really powerful. But there are things you can’t grasp this way. There is much more.
So I’m trying to develop my irrational thinking. This morning I had the desire to start a journal. Bringing my thought to paper — or at least in written words. Not quite sure how long or how regular I’m going to do this.

There is another thing I learned: Sometimes it’s right to just do something. It doesn’t have do be perfect or pretty. As long as it does the job, it’s fine.

Not quite sure what I’m going to write about. Guess whatever feels right the moment. This brings me already in a difficult situation. I have no problem sharing all the things I’m struggling with — ok maybe some few —, but I don’t want to expose or hurt someone else feelings. I’m talking about people who are close to me. People I love. People are important to me. Therefore people who might hurt my feelings. I guess we are gonna find out how this is working out.

OK, that’s it. I don’t have anything to tell right now.

Äehh: One last thing! I do this for myself. Sorry. Maybe you enjoy reading my stuff and can even learn something. If not, don’t read it. This — my journal — is just for me. The rest I’m writing about is to bring value to others. You decide what you spend your time with. As usual.