Stop caring

We care too much about other people.


I’m not talking about helping them. I’m talking about caring about what they think and say. Actually, it’s not caring I’m talking about. It’s focusing. We focus way too much on the opinion of other people.


Instead, we should focus much more on ourselves.


Stop caring about what other people think about you. It’s not irrelevant. However, your self-esteem shouldn’t depend on this.


Furthermore, we often match our behavior with the other ones. What they do. What they say. How they act. Look. Speak. Behave. There is nothing wrong with observing your surrounding. However, as soon as you start adopting these behaviors subconsciously it can cause problems.


It doesn’t stop there. We don’t just adapt to other people. We want to change them too.


Don’t we always know what someone could or should do differently? How someone should behave differently? Think differently?


Often we act like we would know what’s the best for someone else. 


Knowing this, we should focus much more on ourselves. What is it you like? Want to do? How to be? Rather than spending too much time observing other people, you might want to spend more time observing yourself.


You don’t have to depend on other people. Understanding that you have to figure out what’s best for you is a big step there. This will also help you not to impose your opinions on somebody else.


This all will improve your life and the ones of your surrounding dramatically.