Stop thinking

We live in a society where our work is mainly concentrating on mental tasks or tasks where you better just act like a machine. We live in a world where the focus of our school system is mainly on developing mental skills. We live in our head. All day long.


Thinking is great. I love it. Sometimes it’s even very helpful. Thinking is not a necessary problem. But it might become one when we do it all the time. When there is just thinking. Just analyzing all day long. 


You might think thinking is what makes us ‘special’. That our big brain allows us to invent tools, machines and all the crazy stuff there is. That’s true. Kind of.


We as humans are highly intelligent and capable of logical solution finding. But we humans have a much bigger potential. We are capable of much more. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have access to that potential. 


We are out of balance. We are living without nature — without our own nature. Often we even fight it.


There are so many people that are not living in line with their body. I mean they act like they live in some husk for their ‘real being’. But that’s another topic…


Logical thinking will bring you just so far. It has its limits and these are bigger than you might think.


Growing up, I used to always question everything. I always thought about facts and mechanism. I loved the approach of science and this was the way I saw the world. The fact that both of my parents are engineers might support that thinking.


I was constantly analyzing the word. How does that work? Why and how? Why am I doing this? Is this bringing any value to me? Is there anything wrong with this? No, not at all. However, there is always much more you can grasp this way. I’m talking about all the stuff science has no answers jet but still somehow works. Especially when it comes to health there is so much stuff going on science can’t explain. But there are other theories which can. Not just logical ones.


Anyway, there are other drawbacks go thinking. Thinking might hold you back from doing stuff. You might end up not doing something because you can’t stop thinking about it. You want to think it through. To prepare for it. Whatever, sometimes the best option is to just do it. 


Stop thinking all the time. Start doing. Start being.