The almost perfect night

Sleeping well is important to me. I’m not in a bad mood early in the morning. Not even if I didn’t get enough sleep. If I don’t sleep good or enough I just don’t feel really good the next day. I notice a huge difference.


There are many things you can do to improve your sleep. Having an evening routine might bring your sleep to the next level. You want to prepare your body and mind for the night.


I don’t have a long list of stuff I’m doing. Actually, there are just a few thing I’m trying to do. Like no screen at least 1 hour before bed. 


Last night I wanted to have a really good sleep. Not because I was tired and exhausted. It’s the feeling of being fully rested I like.


So here I am, 1 hour before I want to sleep. No screen for 1 hour already. Already brushed teeth. Doing some relaxation exercises.


Slowly it’s getting dark. There is no wind. Everything is really quite and peaceful.


I go into my room. Close the curtains. Windows still open. I love fresh air. Even in the winter when it’s quite cold I sleep with open windows. This gives me the feeling of being more connected with everything. Not being locked up in a room.


There is a special trick I have to fall into sleep much easier. It probably won’t work for most people. For me, it’s a secret back when I was a little child. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work always. Sometimes it’s just relaxing and that’s it.


There is this song. It’s not just a random song. The name of the song is called ’sleeping through the rain’. I first heard it when I was 5 years old. My mother and I were in this bookshop.


I can’t remember why we were there. Neither can I remember how I suddenly had this CD player in my hand. It had this CD in it. The CD with this one song. Just this one song. The song goes for nearly 30 minutes.


I remember being in the bookstore and hearing this song. Some minutes later I’m sleeping. Deep sleep. Lying somewhere in a corner between bookshelves. My mom instantly bought the CD.


For the next years, I was hearing this song nearly every night falling into sleep. I loved it. I still do.


Now over 20 years later I’m lying in my bed hearing this song. It’s so relaxing. My sleeping mask is already on. You want to have it completely dark. If it’s not possible at least get a sleeping mask.


As soon as the song is over I take off my headphones and fall into sleep. No thought. No movement. Nothing disturbing. Right into deep sleep.


This would have been a really great night. I mean I felt already great and rested falling into sleep. Now imagine how I would have felt the next morning.


Well, 10 minutes later I wake up. It’s knocking on my door. I guess already for some time since I also used earplugs.


I’m going straight in the vertical. Like Dracula out of his casket. My facial expression probably looks more like the one from the monster of Frankenstein. What just happened! Am I alive? How? Why?!


The two girls I’m staying with. We are out of power. I have to restart the generator. Get some shoes on. Walk to the generator. Restart the generator. Walk back. Keeping quite while hearing apologizes from the girls. Going back to bed. Put on my sleeping mask. Put in the earplugs. Slowly exhale. Everything is good. I’m totally relaxed.


Slowly inhale. And exhale.


I’m fucking awake. Not tired at all.


Maybe next time…