What I learned from 1 month of daily journaling

I made it. 1 month of daily journaling.


This little challenge was more an experiment rather than a real challenge. I accomplished what I wanted to do: post one little blog post per day. Actually, this wasn’t really hard to do. I mean, writing some sentences each day is totally manageable for everyone. 


However, I think it was exactly the right thing to do. Starting with an easily achievable goal. For me, it was not about creating something special during this last month. I just wanted to get into the habit of writing more. Writing daily. Even it wasn’t really difficult to do I faced some obstacles and learn some stuff.


What did I learn?


As soon as you start writing more the easier it gets. I knew this before but I really noticed this. This applies to everything I guess. Practicing something will bring you better results. Knowing this, you should spend a lot of time doing something if you want to become really good with it.


However, writing something meaningful all the time isn’t easy — for me. Sometimes I just have nothing to say. Nothing comes to my mind. You can practice this. Furthermore, you can bring yourself into the right ‘mood’ to be creative. Having an environment which supports you being creative is really important for this.


By biggest takeaway, I have to fully commit to creating something good daily. This means my whole day would have to be organized this way. This doesn’t mean I can’t do something different but traveling the whole day doesn’t really support the process.


Sometimes there was just other stuff going on this day and I still had to write something. Even I didn’t know what to write about. Forcing myself just don’t seem to work. The result is not good. When I’m not in the mood or I have just 10 minutes then I can’t expect any good results. Even this article I write somewhere in the corner of a street late in the evening. 


Actually, I want to focus on creating better stuff rather than just posting something daily.


It was fun and a nice experience. I really want to continue creating more frequency but not to all costs.


I’m curious about the next weeks. I have no idea if I’m even able to write anything at all.


Ending this little experiment I’m going to start a new one. Something I wanted to for a really really long time.