What it’s like to be back in Canada

Here I am again. Back in Canada. Over 3 month ago I started my little ‘world trip’. I guess I can say things went in a completely different direction of what I thought would happen.

The fun thing with that: before I left in March I intended to go along with whatever would happen — especially everything unexpected.

Nearly 2 weeks ago I find myself the second time flying to Amerika. I already wrote what happened and crushed me. Is there anything more I can write about my time in the US. Well, it wasn’t the best time of my life — that’s for sure. For six days I wasn’t doing anything — just wondering what the fuck happened.

It’s not that I was just sitting somewhere and staring at a wall. However, I wasn’t open to everything else around me. But I can tell, the nature still got to me. I did just to walks through the forest and loved it. The nature — like so many places on the west coast — is stunning. You really can’t compare the trees to the ones we have in Germany. Everything is much wilder and natural.

3 ferries, some buses, 1 taxi, 36 hours later — what a hell of a ride — I find myself on another Island in Canada. By the way, now I know why everyone keeps saying you need a car if you want to travel in Canada. Well, you don’t need to but everything is a pain in the ass. Did I mention I sleep under an old trailer while it was raining?

Either way, somehow I made it to this little island I am right now. I already spend 4 nights here but haven’t seen that much. It feels like first I have to fully digest what happened.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to say here. Maybe some weeks. Maybe I leave earlier. We’ll see. Right now I’m enjoying not having to make any important decision at all.